Mt Gravatt Futsal Club 

 Where its Played:  Hibiscus Sports Complex
 Club Address: Klumpp Rd, Upper Mt Gravatt
 Contact Person:  Jade Banks
 Phone:  0403 546 871

10 Years - Born 2003 & 2004 - Thursdays
12 Years - Born 2001 & 2002 - Fridays
13 Years - Born 2000 - Fridays
14 Years - Born 1999 - Fridays
15 Years - Born 1998 - Fridays
16 Years - Born 1997 - Fridays
Junior Girls -  Born 2002,2001,2000 & 1999 - Fridays
Open Men - Youngest 1998 - Thursdays & Fridays


Mt Gravatt Futsal Club–Hibiscus Sports Complex -  Klumpp Rd,Upper Mt Gravatt


Thursday age groups  - 10/10/13
Friday age groups - 11/10/13





 Click this button if you have a JUNIOR TEAM you wish to nominate into the 2013/2014 Summer competitions. Junior teams are those who wish to play in aged competitions - 6 years to 17 years. Teams must have a minimum of 6 players to play.

There is no fee to nominate a junior team into competition. All junior players who are part of a team must register and pay their fees by the link below.

The cost for a Junior registration 2013/2014 is $225
(Which includes Registration and all match fees upfront)

Click this button to register a junior player for the 2013/2014 Summer Season.



If you are interested in playing, but do not have a team to play in please click button on left to nominate yourself. Once you have nominated we will find you a team. This form is used for both Senior and Junior individual players

Individual junior players need to register on the above 2013/2014 Summer Season Junior Player registration button above.


Click this button if you have a SENIOR TEAM you wish to nominate into the 2013/2014 Summer Competitions. Senior teams are those who wish to play in Women’s, Men’s or Social Mixed competitions. Teams must have a minimum of 6 players to play

There is a $160 team nomination fee payable at time of nomination in the 2013/2014 Summer Competition. Each player in your team must sign in below to assign themselves to your team. 

Weekly Match fees of $70 and a bond $70 are still applicable. Or your team can choose to pay this all upfront.

There is no registration cost per player as your team has paid the $160 Team nomination fee.

Click this button if you are a SENIOR PLAYER who wants to assign themselves for the 2013/2014 Summer competition.



5.20pm - Semi Final 2 - 2nd - Hot Heads vs 3rd - Roar
6.30pm - Grand Final - EASTERN RANGERS vs Winner Semi Final 2

Finals 28th March - Oxley Futsal Centre - 98 Factory Rd, Oxley

 5.50- TIGERS (1ST) vs FALCONS(4TH) - Semi Final 1
5.50 - THE ROVERS (2ND) vs BARCA BOYS (3RD) - Semi Final 2

7.00pm winner s/f 1 vs winner s/f2





Schedules & Standings




The Brisbane Futsal League Kicks Off

The Brisbane Futsal League is a new Elite competition based in Brisbane. This competition has been designed to further enhance the player development pathways AFA already has in place.

The League consists of 6 Clubs: Brisbane South, Logan City, North Brisbane, Pine Rivers, West Brisbane & West Moreton.

Clubs are required to field teams in the following age groups: 12 Boys, 14 Boys, 16 Boys, 15 Girls, Open Women & Open Men

 Matches are played in a home & away format at one central venue

To keep up to date with the Brisbane Futsal League please see the draws and tables below or also follow our BFL Facebook page

RESULTS TABLES Please click here

FINALS FIXTURES Please click here