Registration for both Junior and Senior Teams and Players is a two step process:
(1) Registration of Team:  Coach or Manager or Team contact must register the Team & 
Nominate players to join your team.
(2) Registration of Players: Once the player has been nominated by the manager into the 
team online the player will receive an invitation by email to register. The player registration 
must be completed by the player (if over 16) or parent/guardian (if under 16).  Coaches and 
Managers are not to complete player registration unless it is for themselves or their own child.
(3) If you do not have a team or not enough players to create a full team see point Individual 
player section below.


The Coach/Manager/Team Contact will be responsible for registering the Team. Please only register your team once. 

There is a maximum of 12 players registered to each team however we recommend 6-8 reliable players per team.

 The coach or manager or team contact to register the team must have:

Minimum of 5 players 
(If you have less than 5 but are sure you will find more players to add you can still register the team. If you need extra players please email and ask for individual players to be assigned to your team)

Team name 
(offensive/derogatory names will be refused)

2 x Team contacts / coach / manager details
(Persons must be over 18)

Competition in which the team will play
(this is normally based on the year of birth of the players on the team)

Team uniform or jersey with number on back 
(must be finalised by week beginning 8th October)

Coaches/Managers/Team contacts do not have to know the players to nominate the team, the coach/manager can add more 
players to the team at a later date.

Once the coach/manager has registered the team you will receive an email when your team has been accepted. Please note 
this may take up to 24 hours to process. If you do not receive an email after 24 hours please check your spam/junk folder. 
If you still have not received an email please email
If you do receive the email Login using the link supplied in your acceptance email.
Add your team members to your team using their name, email address and date of birth. An email will sent to the players 
inviting them to register to your team. It is the responsibility of the parent of the child to register and pay for the player, 
not the coach or manager.

Player registration fees must be paid in full by Friday September 21st 2018. Any player owing fees after this date will not be eligible to play until full fees are paid. 

MATCH FEES (Mens and Over 35's) must be paid in full by week 2 of the competition. Teams will be removed from the competition if not paid in full by this date.