Played at Chandler Arena, Sleeman Sports Complex, Old Cleveland Rd & Tilley Rd Chandler

For any enquiries please contact Chandler on 0458 003 141 or

Competition Information

Junior Players - $165 per player
(10 round competition finishing early December)

(includes registration and insurance for the season)
Senior Teams - $60 per team per match
(includes registration and insurance for the season)

GOL Brasil Little Feet (3-5yrs) - $80 for 8 weeks
Monday Afternoons

GOL Brasil Futsal School (5-12yrs) - $100 for 8 weeks
Monday Nights

Competition Days:
Monday Nights - GOL Brasil Little Feet & Futsal School, Men & Mixed
Wednesday Nights - U7/8, U9/10, U11/12, U13/14, U15-17
Thursday Nights - Men

  Uniforms can be purchased at:



Why Play Futsal?
Futsal has been known to develop life long skills – social skills, team work, confidence, promotion of exercise as well as improving and refining motor skills, agility, co-ordination, decision making and quick thinking. The best of all – Futsal is FUN! Chandler Futsal has different Futsal competitions to cater for both the competitive players and for those who just wish to have a little fun with some friends. There are competitions available for juniors and adults, males and females of all ages starting from as young as 3 years.



 Little Feet Futsal 3-5 Years  

Little Feet is a training program designed to integrate the basic fundamentals and motor skills needed to play sport in general, not just Futsal. The goal of the program is for the kids to have fun and enjoy exercising while learning and developing their skills.
Program commences Monday 9th October, last session 4th December (9 weeks)


 Futsal Schools (5-12 Years)

GOL Brasil Futsal Schools provide an entry level for players and participants to learn and develop the fundamental skills of futsal.  Our futsal schools encourages players to use the right techniques to control the ball and to play the game. It provides players with the opportunity to develop individual core skills and game strategies.  Program commences Monday 9th October, last session 4th December (9 weeks)

 Years Junior Competitions 6-17 Years 

 Play games in teams against other teams of similar age in a round robin style competition. The juniors are co-ed competitions. Friendly games commence last week of school holidays. Fixtures commence week beginning 2nd October.  A draw is released one week prior to the competition. Teams play for points and a premiership.

 Open Mens & Open Mixed

 Play games in teams against other teams in a round robin style competition. Fixtures commence week beginning 2nd October. A full draw is released early October for the competition. Teams play for points and the teams who finish 1st-4th play off in finals.



Age Eligibility

We look forward to meeting you/ seeing you at Chandler Futsal Club  October 2017.

Map of Sleeman Sports Complex

Futsal played in the Arena (highlighted)

Parking - P3 area