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2018 Hastings School Futsal Titles

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Tuesday 8th - 13/14/15 Boys

Wednesday 9th May - 16/19 Boys & 19 Girls

Thursday 10th May - 9/10/11/12 Boys & 12 Girls

Friday  11th May - 13/14/16 Girls

Where: Port Macquarie Basketball Stadium - Hastings River Drive, Port Macquarie

Age Groups: As Above

Eligible Age Groups:

 U9 Boys - Born 2009 or Younger

U10 Boys - Born 2008 or Younger

U11 Boys - Born 2007 or Younger

U12 Boys - Born 2006 or Younger

U13 Boys - Born 2005 or Younger
U14 Boys - Born 2004 or Younger
U15 Boys - Born 2003 or Younger
U16 Boys - Born 2002 or Younger
U19 Boys - Born 1999 or Younger

U11 Girls Born 2007 or Younger

U12 Girls - Born 2006 or Younger

U13 Girls - Born 2005 or Younger
U14 Girls - Born 2004 or Younger
U16 Girls - Born 2002 or Younger
U19 Girls - Born 1999 or Younger

U12 Division - If players attend the senior or junior campuses at your school they are still permitted to play in any U12 entered team as long as they fit the correct age bracket.

Please Note: Players may not be any older than the age group they are participating in as of 31st of December 2018. Although players are permitted to be younger than the age group they are participating in. This is determined by the year in which the event is played. For example, Barry turns 14 on the 2nd of Nov 2018 - Barry must be in the 14 Boys Competition or an older category, but not a younger age group.

Draws are subject to change up until 5pm the day before competition commences. Make sure to check emails regularly for updates.

Please note that any withdrawals of teams after a draw has been released will be subject to a 50% withdrawal fee per team of the original cost.

Nomination Forms are due prior to kick off of your first game. Failure to submit these team lists may result in loss of points or disqualification from the tournament. To Nominate your players, please CLICK HERE.

To download a copy of the Official Match Sheet (for labels) please Click Here.

For any further information regarding registration, please contact Head Office on 0732 702 777 or email schoolfutsal@australianfutsal.com