Gol Brasil Schools of Futsal

Locations:  Brisbane, Byron Bay, Cairns, Victoria, Tasmania & Gold Coast.

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Wednesday 4:30pm - 5:30pm 13 to 16 years old
Phone: Thiago 0434 157 972

Sunday 9 to 10am - 4 to 6 years old and 7 to 9 years old
Sunday 10 to 11pm - 10 to 12 years old and 12 to 14 years old
Phone: Paul 0408 805 558 

Sunday 2pm - 3:30pm 7 to 14 years old
Phone: Stuart 0403 782 808
email: stuartb0123@gmail.com

Wednesdays and Friday evenings - All Ages
Phone: Jenny 0411 089 686
email: jenny@australianfutsal.com

Thursdays from 6pm
Phone: Jonathan 0414 389 319 or Heather 0414 389 381
email: jonathan.dass0@gmail.com

West End
Sunday 1pm to 2pm – 3 to 6 years old
Sunday 2pm to 3pm - 7 to 9 years old
Sunday 3pm to 4pm - 10 to 12years old and 12 to 14 years old
Phone: Maria 0417755917
email: maria@australianfutsal.com

Thursday 4pm to 5:30pm 7 to 14 years old
Phone: Stuart 0403 782 808
email: stuartb0123@gmail.com

FOR ALL OTHER AREAS EMAIL - admin@golbrasilacademy.com


Kindy Program Skills Program Intermediate Program

Welcome Letter!

The Gol Brasil Futsal Schools aims to offer to aspiring players the opportunity to train like the professionals do! Gol Brasil Schools is the official Australian affiliate of the same academy in Brazil, which is sanctioned and recognized by CBF (Brazilian Football Association). Gol Brasil was set up in its home country (Brazil) to develop young players and export them to the world. To learn more about their activities please go to their wesite on http://www.golbr.com/en/

The Gol Brasil Futsal School that was established here, offers an environment to players to make them think, try and learn from their mistakes. All with the support of qualified coaches to show them ways of improving. This approach will encourage players to play the ball in tight areas of the court and keep possession of it, which is exactly what we Brazilian players do with the ball.

Our Methods:

The Gol Brasil School of Futsal is a school to teach young players to play Futsal to the best of their ability. Our coaching encourages players to use the right techniques to control the ball and to play with style! We encourage players to play the ball in tight areas of the court, so that when a situation demands of them skills they will be comfortable with it. Players learn to use flair and quick thinking which are the trademarks of the Futsal game. Many football players in Brazil started their career playing Futsal and credited the game for their silky skills.

  • Kindy Program - Aimed at kids age 4 to age 6
  • Skills Program - Aimed at kids age 7 to age 9
  • Intermediate Program - Aimed at kids age 10 to age 12
  • Advanced Program - Aimed at kids age 13 & 14

About the sessions:

The sessions normally go for 1 hour and we include the warm up, the tactical part of the game and we finish it with a full game. The warm up involves ball skills and tricks with the ball that encourages players to be creative and improve their ball skills. For the tactics we teach them about positioning, movements on the court to create space and about set plays. For the full game section players are asked to use what they learn at the right time and context with the help and guidance from the coach who often stops the game to show the right way.

Players are guaranteed an atmosphere of great learning and heaps of fun! Our coaches are here to support players and to facilitate their learning. We like the sessions to be fun, fast and competitive.


As part of our program, we offer friendly games and training camps through out the year to test players ability and their progression in the school. In the second semester we enter the school into tournaments as part of their learning process as well.

Other pathways through our school will involve possible selection into Australian Futsal Association state teams and opportunities to travel overseas with Futsal representative teams

Head Coach:

Our Head Coach is Felipe Furtado de Barros. Felipe is an elite level Futsalcoach who currently is the Head Coach for Australian Futsal Association.

Felipe has coached a number ofsuccessful Futsal teams in Brazil including Olympico Clube, Arnaldo School andFUMEC University.  Felipe was also Assistant Coach to the Australian Futsal Team at the World Games in Columbia in 2013.

We offer the following programs:

  • Holiday Camps
  • Clinics
  • 1 on 1 Coaching
  • Birthday parties
  • Tournaments

Gol Brasil Schools under the Australian Futsal Association banner have joined forces with Rhyl Football Club from Wales to provide more pathways to our players. This is a great opportunity to send players overseas for training,development and trials. Rhyl can be a great stepping stone for major club in England. Stay Tune for more information on this!!!

On another development Cruzeiro Futebol Clube, one of the biggest teams in Brazil for football, has formalized a partnership with us. We have had the chance to work at Cruzeiro as coaches, and they have an incredible youth set up which is one of the best in Brazil. RONALDO was a player there before moving to Barcelona. We have full access to their facilities and their coaching staff for players or coaches who want to go there for training development..

Contact Details:

Gol Brasil Futsal Schools
Phone: 07 3270 2777
Mobile: 0427 519 250
Fax: 07 3275 3099
email: admin@golbrasilacademy.com

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